How we do it

Our service is totally bespoke, we can paint your new or old kitchen and furniture in your choice of colour, offering solid colours or specialist finishes. 

Our unique seven-step hand painted system combines what you will need for a highly durable, water resistant easy to maintain kitchen. 

Unlike your regular painters we are master painters with professional qualifications in the art, and years of experience. We have perfected a process that ensures you will be confident with the kitchens finish and durability. 

We work with dedication and diligence, protecting surfaces and appliances, cleaning, masking up, removing handles, applying two coats of enamel primer and two top coats while sanding between each layer to ensure a smooth professional finish - we don’t just just slap a bit of colour on!

Professional Kitchen Painting - Roughneen Paint Finishes
Professional Kitchen Painting - Roughneen Paint Finishes

Communication is key

We work with you to manage every detail, meet deadlines and coordinate with other related projects as needed. Maintaining regular communication with you so you’re up to date on the status of your project.

Check out our frequently asked question page here to read more about what we do. Or drop us an email, or to speak to somebody in person by calling on 0750 3367424.

Be different, be unique…

Hand painted kitchens